Gambler Personality Test: What Type of Bettor Are You?

What lies behind your online casino outcomes? Is there anything else beyond luck and a little bit of strategy?

What if I told you that your betting style also matters? As a seasoned gambler, I’ve seen many players who didn’t realize that their wagering approach can make a difference in their results. I created this test to help you uncover your gambler personality. Once you discover your type, you’ll know how to adjust your gameplay and come out on top more often.

3 Common Gambler Personality Types

Casual Gamblers

For casual gamblers, betting is a form of entertainment. Online casino games are a fun activity for these players rather than a way to make money. Casual bettors approach gambling with a light-hearted attitude and don’t bother too much about winning or losing. Thus, their experience at reputable platforms like My Stake Casino is about pleasure.

Serious Recreational Players

Unlike casual players, serious recreational gamblers dedicate more time and money to their hobby. These bettors strive to come out on top and do their best to tilt the odds in their favor. Learning strategies and choosing skill-based casino games are typical for serious recreational players.

Professional Bettors

For professional gamblers, betting online is a way to make a living. These professionals usually have one or two games they excel in. Gambling pros place their bets daily and approach this activity with a high level of discipline. Given the industry’s fierce competition, these players must constantly hone their skills, study new strategies, and test new approaches.

The Gambler Personality Test

Answer the following questions to determine your gambling personality:

How often do you gamble?

  1. A) I gamble occasionally, just for fun.
  2. B) I gamble regularly, but I stick to my limits.
  3. C) I gamble frequently, sometimes more than I should.

How do you react to losses?

  1. A) Losing doesn’t bother me much; it’s part of the game.
  2. B) I learn from my losses and improve my strategy.
  3. C) I get frustrated when I lose and may try to regain my losses.

Do you have a gambling budget?

  1. A) I have a strict gambling budget, which I stick to.
  2. B) I set limits but sometimes exceed them.
  3. C) I don’t have a set budget, so I play with whatever I have.

Are you inclined to take financial risks?

  1. A) I only gamble with money I can afford to lose.
  2. B) I sometimes gamble with money meant for other expenses.
  3. C) I rely on my gambling winnings to cover my expenses.

How do you react when you win?

  1. A) Winning is nice, but I don’t let it affect my behavior.
  2. B) I may reinvest some winnings into gambling but save the rest.
  3. C) I increase my bets or play more frequently after a win.

Results and Analysis

  • Mostly A’s: You’re likely a Casual Gambler, someone who sees gambling as entertainment and doesn’t take it too seriously. You can chat with other gamblers who belong to your type at trustworthy gambling forums like
  • Mostly B’s: You fall into the category of Serious Recreational Gambler, someone who enjoys gambling but maintains control over their spending.
  • Mostly C’s: You might be a Professional Gambler or have tendencies towards problem gambling. It’s vital to assess your behavior and seek help if you feel your gambling is becoming harmful.

Tips for Each Personality Type

For Casual Players

If the test results characterize you as a casual gambler, I’d recommend the following:

  • Explore games that are less mainstream or popular. You may find a unique twist to your conventional sessions.
  • Opt for betting options that need a balance of skill and luck. Crash games, blackjack, poker, and craps could help you taste the best of the two worlds.
  • To make casino games even more fun, play them together with friends. Enter live sessions together or organize Friday casino nights.

For Serious Recreational Bettors

If you’re a recreational player who wants to excel in betting, consider the tips below:

  • Delve deeper into strategies for the games you love. Grasp the concepts of odds and probabilities, and learn from experienced bettors who share their approaches online.
  • Stay disciplined and emotionally resilient. Avoid placing impulsive bets or trying to win back your losses. Step away from the game to calm down and return refreshed when on a losing streak.
  • Since betting is your hobby, why not gamify your casino sessions? Set yourself challenges, track your performance, and treat yourself with a gift upon successful goal completion.

For Professional Gamblers

If the test results indicate you’re a professional gambler, consider these tips:

  • Build relationships with other professional gamblers. Share insights, collaborate on strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Develop your intuition and gut feelings about games and bets. Sometimes, your instincts can lead you to profitable decisions.
  • Occasionally, go against the crowd. If everyone is betting on one outcome, consider the opposite. 

Know Your Type, Bet Smarter

I hope this test helps you understand your gambling personality. If you know your type, you can choose the right games, manage your money better, and enjoy your time more. So take the test, determine your type, and start betting smarter.