Crowdfunding support for The Portrait Machine Project book

We have invested a little amount of our monthly profits from prints sellings in the funding of The Portrait Machine Project book, which is a collection of full color polaroid aura portraits, camera print-outs and contributed texts conceived by photographer Carlo Van de Roer.

Eh, wait a moment, did you say "aura portraits"? "Yes, we did!". So... what the heck is that? Why are you supporting such a fortuneteller with your money??!!. An aura portrait seems like a very esoteric and silly concept, but in the context of Carlo´s project it has interesting physical groundings. He has attached to an analog Polaroid land camera a biosignal device which translates into colors a physiological variable of the person being photographed, such as the skin conductance or corporal temperature. So, this is the real situation behind an aura portrait: the subject interacts with the biosignal device by touching it or by attaching electrodes directly to the person, and the device produces as an output a color depiction of his biophysical state or mood. Carlo uses this technology by integrating the color depiction of every person into their portrait. That´ s all.

If you´re up for contributing to the project, you can sum yourself to the list of backers in the Kickstarter page of The Portrait Machine Project Book.


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