Synesthesia - Blog post
A time-zero polaroid featuring the classic marks of expired instant film.

It seems that I´m a synesthete, or at least I think so. This expired Polaroid picture could be a good visual hint about what I see when hearing sounds and tones. No matter where they come from, they cause a visual sensation of rounded-borders, luminous spots known as photism. The louder the tone, the smaller the spot. Sounds can also describe lines, depending of its length, with little random movements and gradually shifting or constant colors: clattering dishes and glasses use to be a grey, sharp point; dragging a chair over the floor it´s a line, starting dark green and finishing clear brown/orange most of the time. When different tones are superimposed within the same stream, as it happens with music, spots are not that sharp and they tend to be integrated into a moving, shapeless single spot, containing a predominant hue with little variations. That´s completely involuntary, it´s not disturbing at all, and sometimes I manage myself to concentrate on the visual marks just for fun; it´s quite pleasant, then.

I grew up assuming that it was something natural and common to everyone, up until I discovered otherwise, over the course of some Neuropsychology classes. It was shocking and, since then, I use to feel a little more alone, I don´t know why.


What do you think?