Things to Know Before Moving to Baltimore

With a population of over half a million, Baltimore may not be the biggest city in the country. But there are plenty of reasons for moving there, and there has been a general upturn in the number of people relocating to Charm City in recent years.

Thanks to the admittedly excellent TV show The Wire, some people may have a skewed view of what Baltimore is really like. But it’s harbor, cuisine, and the success of its football team that has all the NFL betting online sites busy, have shown that Baltimore could be the place to be.

So, if you are thinking of relocating to this area of the world or even already have a planned arrival date, here are a few essential pieces of information to know about Baltimore before you get there. 

Historical Significance of Baltimore

As the birthplace of the US national anthem, you could say that Baltimore is steeped in historical significance. But it is not just The Star-Spangled Banner that lends this place some clout. There are historic ships in the Inner Harbor to explore, as well as a Washington Monument that is older than the one in DC.

Cultural historians may be interested in the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum, where the writer lived in the 1830s. Then there is The Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum that celebrates the life of the abolitionist and is the site of the first African-American owned shipyard in the country. Baltimore has places of historical interest at every turn.

Cost of Living

 Baltimore offers a reasonable cost of living, although, as a major city, it is around 7% higher than the national average, according to The Cost of Living Index. Interestingly, the city is 12% lower than the state average, so there are some definite perks to living where all the action is.

Costs such as utilities, food, and general goods and services are all above the national average, although transportation just about levels out with the rest of the country. One major plus point for relocating to Baltimore might be the fact that healthcare is significantly cheaper there than the national average.

Education in Baltimore

Although the city’s public schools are underfunded and over half of the students are identified as economically disadvantaged, there are some excellent higher learning institutions in the city. Some of the names of the universities are known worldwide and boast top sports programs.

Both John Hopkins and Loyola have a long and successful history of achievement and attract high-caliber students. Maryland, as a state, ranks around the middle for education in the country, but the public schools in Baltimore could obviously do better with some improvement.

Sports Culture

 When it comes to sports in Baltimore, it is not just about birds but the two pro major league teams definitely enjoy a passionate following. The Ravens are consistently one of the best teams in the NFL, while the Orioles’ Camden Yards home is lauded as one of the best ballparks in baseball. It was one of the first “retro” modern stadiums and its success prompted other clubs to take note.

There is plenty more sport to enjoy in Baltimore, though. The Preakness Stakes – one of the legs of US horse racing’s Triple Crown – is held each year, while Little Italy is the place to go to watch bocce. Basketball is played in neighborhoods all over the city, while the Inner Harbor is a natural location for a range of watersports.

Weather in Baltimore

 Located in the mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast of the US, Baltimore experiences all four seasons, meaning that you don’t miss out on hot sunny days or the occasional snow day in the winter. If you like cold winters or hot summers (or both!), you will be fine in Baltimore.

Oriole Stadium in Camden Yards is one of the finest ballparks in the country.

The city is actually located where different air masses collide, meaning that the climate can be called “unstable”. In reality, that just means that you should be prepared for anything – although the spring and fall seasons are the time to really get out and enjoy the place.

Going Out

 Foodies will be drawn to the blue crabs that Baltimore is famous for. There are plenty of restaurants around the Inner Harbor that serve some of the best seafood in the region. However, the diverse city population ensures that there is an incredible cuisine and culture wherever you are.

The city has four state-designated arts and entertainment districts, so you know you won’t have to search too hard to feed your performing arts fix. However, there are also some excellent bars and clubs dotted around the city, meaning that going out in Baltimore is enjoyable as it is diverse.

Baltimore’s Transformation

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned The Wire – and for many people, the TV crime drama and the problems the show portrayed are what they think of when it comes to Baltimore. But, although the crime rate is still higher than the national average, the city is definitely improving.

New buildings are being built, neighborhoods are getting cleaner, and property value is increasing throughout the city. The main areas of Baltimore are thriving, and if you are looking for an affordable place to live with easy access to the rest of the East Coast, then Baltimore is certainly worth investigating. Good things are happening in Charm City, and you can expect a diverse and vibrant lifestyle in your new location.